The idea behind workoutnomad can be derived and described by the originally sense of the two words workout and nomad. The word nomad comes from a Greek word that means “one who wanders for pasture”. A nomad is a person with no settled home, moving from one place to another.

This defnition of nomad does not have to be understood literally, but rather symbolically.

A workoutnomad physically challenges his body and mind in a holistic and balanced way. He knows how to train his strength, endurance, fexibility, balance and coordination either physically and mentally. He developed or manifested a healthy and individual nutrition fitting his needs. He doesn’t need expensive equipment to train. He uses the resources and tools surrounding him in his everyday living which allows him to be detached from certain facilities such as fitness studios or gyms.

A workoutnomad knows about his passions and integrates movement throughout his life and around his passions. He learned to train parts of his holistic movement understanding at any time at any location.

What are your passions?

To be a workoutnomad is a lifestyle and not a specifc meeting in the daily calendar. It’s a decision towards a lifelong process. By swinging the focus from the materialistic aspect of this world, as dogmas like “live your dream”, “do what you love” or “your body is your temple” still get challenged by prestige and the desire for more. A workoutnomad learned to balance and handle those challenges and knows how they occur and manipulate his individual life. He learned to understand and be in the moment within life cycles and their timings.

A workoutnomad found a home within himself.