The idea behind workoutnomad can be derived and described from the original meaning of the two words „workout“ and „nomad“. The word nomad comes from a Greek word meaning „one who walks in the fields“. A nomad is a person with no fixed abode who moves from one place to another and constantly adapts to new situations and conditions. This definition of nomad must be understood not literally, but rather symbolically, in the context of the high degree of resistance and adaptability of these people.

A workoutnomad challenges body and mind in a holistic and balanced way. He knows how to train strength, endurance, mobility, balance and coordination physically and mentally. He has developed or manifested a healthy and individual diet that meets his needs. He does not need expensive equipment to train. He uses the resources and tools surrounding him in his daily life, which allows him to be free from certain facilities such as gyms or fitness studios. The outdoor environment is his playground, and he adapts to all weather conditions and seasons.

Being a workoutnomad is a lifestyle and not a particular meeting on the daily schedule. Movement is integrated into his life and around his passions. He has learned to train parts of his holistic understanding of movement at any time and any place. He has understood that health depends on the decision of lifelong physical and mental exercise and mindful decision-making.

A workoutnomad found a home within himself.


workoutnomad intends to challenge body and mind in a holistic and balanced way. Leaving the comfort zone plays a central role. In the trainings you will be exposed to physical and mental impulses that promote strength, endurance, mobility, balance and coordination.

workoutnomad consciously selects training conditions that put your willpower to the test. Your commitment and discipline are not only challenged during the training, but also expected before and after the training.
The goal is to build up your inner strength. You should experience yourself as successful and effective, but you should also experience limits and train the healthy handling of them.

workoutnomad draws on many years of experience in parkour, surfing and coaching. The focus is on holistic trainings, which include mainly functional movements with your own body weight.
Are you ready to face these physical and mental challenges?


Der Trainier ist mindestens 10min vor Trainingsstart beim Treffpunkt.

Der Trainier startet und beendet das Training pünktlich.

Der Trainer führt Übungen klar und verständlich ein.

Der Trainer zeigt Anpassungsmöglichkeiten zur Abschwächung oder Intensivierung der Übung auf.

Der Trainer informiert über mögliche Gefahren einer Übung und des Terrains.

Der Trainier beobachtet während dem ganzen Training die Ausführungen der Teilnehmenden und korrigiert allfällige Fehlstellungen. 

Der Trainer vertritt eine motivierende und aufbauende Einstellung und strahlt diese aus.

Der Trainer kann während dem Training kurze Sequenzen auf Video für Social-Media festhalten. 

Der Trainer hält ein Foto von den Trainierenden am Ende des Trainings fest und veröffentlicht dies auf Social-Media. Wenn möglich werden alle Teilnehmenden getagged. 

Der Trainer verfügt über die Möglichkeit, Wertgegenstände von den Teilnehmenden sicher auf zu bewahren. 

Der Trainer ist im Besitz eines vollständigen Erste-Hilfe Sets. (Desinfektion und Verbandsmaterial).

Der Trainer ist im Besitz eines Telefons und kann im Notfall alarmieren. Der Trainer hat den Grundkurs für Erste-Hilfe nach SLRG BLS-AED-SRC absolviert.